GDG DevFest 2015 in Madurai


GDG I/O Extended 2016 was held on 28th of May in Madurai city. Here is the event report for GDG I/O Extended 2016. To know more go to the Event Website.

Event - Report

  • We invited 40% Professional developers and 50% student developers, 10% business people and few startups
  • We had 50% Women Participation.
  • We were live with Hash tag: #gdgmadurai, #gdgdevfestmadurai2015 on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
  • The full event is broadcast live through youtube
  • Developers learned how to use Angularjs, Google Material design, Google Maps, New features in Android 6.0, Google brillo OS and Google launchpad program.
  • We contacted the Image quiz program on end of every session to motivate audience. The winner got some prizes.
  • We build a small game to randomly select registration number and gave some goodies.
  • Android mobile app for the event created and shared with audience.
  • We conducted a logo contest to redesign Google Logo. Got very good response on this.

Few statistics

  • Participants Registered 184
  • Participants Invited 100
  • Participants Attended 126
  • Women Participants 54


  • Developers/students able to understand the latest trend in mobile/IoT/Web development in India. Tools and technology available from Google to build the sustainable market ready Mobile/Web application. Start-ups gets opportunity to show case their products and get some traction from local customer.

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